Dave Fellers, Bramasol CEO, discusses Key Trends for 2022 with a Focus on DSE and S/4HANA

Listen as Dave Fellers, Bramasol CEO, provides an overview of Five Key Trends to watch in 2022 and then drills down for a closer look at two rapid payback areas in the Digital Solutions Economy and moving to SAP S/4HANA.

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Digital Debt: What is it? Why should you care? What can you do about it?

Welcome to the latest episode of Bramasol’s Insights to Action Podcast Series. In this episode, listen to Bramasol’s concept of what is digital debt and how to get started on a debt free future.

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Native Integration of Expense Management with S/4HANA Cloud, Concur & SuccessFactors

"This eBook covers How Unifying Data within the Digital Core Helps Synchronize & Accelerate Related Processes & how the SAP Digital Core and native SAP applications can be leveraged to integrate & streamline tasks involved with employee set-up & expense management."

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Trends in Automation and AI will Streamline Financial Closing Processes

Welcome to the latest episode of Bramasol’s Insights to Action Podcast Series. In this episode, we covers latest trends in Automation and AI which will help you streamline your financial closing processes.

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Financial Transformation with S/4HANA Cloud ERP Analytics

This webinar provides an overview of how S/4HANA Cloud ERP and Analytics provide the building blocks for fueling Financial Transformation. In addition to discussing the S/4HANA enabled Digital Core, experts from Bramasol drill-down with specific examples of how SAP Cloud Analytics can identify and help resolve operational issues in S/4HANA Cloud.

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How Financial Transformation Accelerates Expense Management

This webinar drills down to focus on how the Digital Core can enable native integration for seamless Expense Management optimizing key operational processes, improving user productivity and enables real-time analytics.

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SAP Contract and Lease Management Integrating with SAP Cloud Analytics and Dashboards

Join Bramasol’s expert team for an in-depth look at the analytic tools and methods that enable you to get the most out of SAP Contract and Lease Management for wide ranging leased asset management while helping to create your Compliance Foundation for today and the future.

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Are you the model company for SAP Central Finance?

Is your finance process complex? Is it all digitally connected? Are you looking for a path forward that doesn’t require throwing out everything you have now? To learn how Central Finance can streamline your Financial Transformation journey, Watch our recorded webinar Now.

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