Carbon Accounting is Here – How SAP Real Estate Drives Insights For Carbon Accounting

Watch our recently recorded webinar on How SAP Real Estate Drives Insights For Carbon Accounting. Real Estate is the single largest expense you have and largest contributor to carbon accounting.

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A leading American mass media company- Discovery Communication Customer Story by Bramasol

Watch how Bramasol helped a global leader in real life entertainment with automated lease accounting disclosure solution that was compliant with ASC 842/IFRS 16.

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Lessor Accounting and Automated Revenue Management (ARM) are Key for Supporting New Business Models

In this webinar, learn how to seamlessly execute full lessor accounting transactions including end-to-end accounting for Sales Type Leases (STL), Operating Type Leases (OTL).

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Lessor Accounting – The Convergence of RevRec and Lease Accounting

Learn about how Bramasol provides a platform based solution for both - reducing time, cost and resources needed while improving speed, accuracy and scalability.

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Improving Cash Flow and EBITDA with Active Lease Management

Listen to the latest episode of Bramasol’s Insights to Action Podcast Series. In this episode, Bramasol’s expert John Froelich discusses on active lease management, what is it, and how it can improve your free cash flow.

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