RevRec Best Practices in Feature Pack and S/4 Migration

Watch part one of two-part webinar; where you would learn best practices in S/4HANA migration as it relates to Revenue Recognition.

Bramasol experts Steve Stone, Shekhar Chaudhari and Amol Chaudhari share their lessons learned from dozens of SAP RAR projects including feature pack and S/4HANA Migrations. They explore how to use the SAP Recommended approach and discuss when it does not work and discuss challenges and best path for SD RevRec Migration.

Bramasol has led dozens of successful ASC 606 and ASC 842 projects, along with our development of focused IP solutions for analysis, disclosure reporting and integration within overall SAP finance systems. We are also the leader in helping companies migrate from ECC based RAR to S/4HANA based processes. We know the terrain and have the created the tools to help you leverage compliance into S/4HANA success.

You will hear about alternative approaches and how to avoid the mines in the road.

This is a MUST SEE webinar for anyone on SAP RAR or anyone contemplating a move from ECC to S/4.