With the rise of the Digital Solutions Economy (DSE), the seamless integration of end-to-end processes in the quote-to-cash cycle has never been more critical. A major challenge to achieving that goal is the often-disparate mix of legacy or specialized billing systems that need to feed into the rest of the DSE processes.

SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute is a purpose-built solution that can track and orchestrate data from virtually any billing systems and seamlessly integrate with backend order management, fulfillment, delivery, accounting and compliance systems.

Join us for this interactive Q&A session as SAP and Bramasol experts answer your questions on how Convergent Mediation can enhance:

  • Data enrichment by combining information from any type of source

  • Automated error detection, data deduplication and filtering

  • Unified real-time processing for revenue-critical applications

  • Quick introduction of new business models

  • Visibility into end-to-end revenue stream processing

  • Reduce revenue loss and revenue leakage.