While leading edge companies are moving to subscription models, leading edge innovators are keep ahead with consumption and usage based models. The need for flexible plans without pre-defined spending levels demands a solution that is purpose built to handle the complexity, uncertainty, and volume of transactions. SAP BRIM provides a portfolio of integrated solutions that can be deployed individually or in a holistic approach. Regardless of which revenue generating model your company wants to apply, BRIM along with related SAP finance and compliance applications help optimize and consolidate business processes for sales, delivery, and billing.

This interactive Ask the Experts session will focus on your questions regarding key areas such as:

  • Consumption-based or usage-based models give the opportunity to charge pay-per-use services.

  • Billing and invoicing only for the used quantity.

  • Offering a product or service for a fixed fee.

  • Implementing hybrid event-based models, in which consumption triggers events.

Activation or deactivation of services or products, or even the suspension of a service or product.

These Ask the Experts sessions are designed to address your specific needs, so register now, enter your questions below or just bring them to the meeting.