Customer Story- SSM Health

Explore the client story of SSM Health, a non-profit Catholic healthcare system that addresses diverse health requirements within Midwest communities. Bramasol as an expert in Treasury and Cash Management helped in designing the solution and configured the custom enhancement with logic for Automated EBS Processing, also assisted in successful testing for all 4 Banks ZBA transaction reconciliation.

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Customer Story – Travel Center of America

Discover the client story of Travel Centers of America Inc., the largest publicly traded full-service travel center network in the nation, by Bramasol. Witness how Bramasol's array of tools facilitated Travel Centers of America's transition from SLAN to SAP CLM.

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A leading electronic design automation multinational company-Mentor Graphic client story by Bramasol

Watch how Bramasol helped a leading US-based electronic design automation multinational corporation from getting penalized for non-compliance with mandatory processes.

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Vivint Digital Solutions case study – Optimizing Cash Flow and RevRec

Watch as Vivint's Patrick Kelliher and Bramasol's John Froelich discuss how Vivint streamlined cash management and revenue compliance for the Digital Solutions Economy.

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Fortune 1000 Leading Telecom Company Customer Story

A fortune 1000 company with locations all around the US , they complied with the new standard (ASC606 & IFRS15) published by FASB changing how revenue is recognized for customer contracts. And, as an early adopter they needed experts in SAP RAR to guide them. As a leader in Revenue Recognition, Bramasol was a natural choice.

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A leading American mass media company- Discovery Communication Customer Story by Bramasol

Watch how Bramasol helped a global leader in real life entertainment with automated lease accounting disclosure solution that was compliant with ASC 842/IFRS 16.

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AI computing company NVIDIA Customer Story for SAP Revenue Accounting Solution by Bramasol

Watch how Bramasol helped Nvidia to be compliant with ASC 606 and restructure their sales model within SAP.

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American multilevel health care marketing company- NuSkin Customer Story By Bramasol

Nuskin partnered with Bramasol to comply with ASC606 & to restructure sales model within SAP, seeking advice for Implementation

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