Ask The Experts – Migrating Data to OCM for Revenue Accounting and Reporting

In this Ask the Experts session, the panelists will provide important insights for efficiently migrating data to take advantage of OCM’s enhanced capabilities.

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Ask The Experts – Make Sense of Your Data and Escape Digital Debt with Convergent Mediation from Digital Route & SAP

Join us for this interactive Q&A session as SAP and Bramasol experts answer your questions on how Convergent Mediation can enhance.

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Ask The Experts – Leveraging SAP BRIM to create highly integrated models for consumption/usage-based scenarios

This interactive Ask the Experts session focus on consumption-based or usage-based models give the opportunity to charge pay-per-use services.

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Ask The Experts – Cash and Collections Management for High-Volume Usage-Based Scenarios

Join this targeted half hour interactive Q&A session with SAP and Bramasol experts as we address some of the key quote-to-cash issues for high-volume usage-based scenarios.

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Ask The Experts – SAP BRIM and SAP RAR enable robust customer personalized solutions

Join our Ask The Experts session for a focused half-hour discussion on how the combination of BRIM and RAR enable efficient integration of order-to-cash end-to-end processes for deploying robust customer personalized solutions.

Ask The Experts – Q&A Session on Automated Revenue Management

Join the experts for an engaging, interactive and informative “Ask the Experts” 30 minute Q&A session, where Bramasol’s COE team will address real-world challenges, best practices, and lessons learned in adopting the new functionality for Optimized Automated Revenue Management in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment.

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